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An internship is the best way of gaining an insight into the world of work and getting a feel for what profession suits you best.

If you don’t know what a specific profession involves, come to us for insights into the work of an Industrial Mechanic, Industrial Management Assistant, Technical Product Designer or Process Mechanic in Röthenbach, and a Mechatronics Technician or Precision Mechanic in Erkelenz.

Find out what interests you and apply for job shadowing at PFAFF. Download the internship question form here. Attach a copy of your last school certificate, and submit!

Download internship question form Röthenbach (german)

Download internship question form Erkelenz (german)

Everything you need to know: 

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Röthenbach: Franziska Fuchs, Tel. +49 8384 8200-171

Erkelenz:Karina Zentgraf, Tel. +49 2431 80600-42

Internship question form Röthenbach (german)

Internship question form Erkelenz (german)

Apply to us with a copy of your last school certificate and filled-out internship form. 

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