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We’re proud to call ourselves “the Pfafflers” – and with good reason

What makes the difference at PFAFF is the excellent working atmosphere and solidarity among our staff – even in stressful phases. This PFAFF community thrives at the workplace and also in joint leisure activities – at our summer parties, events and sporting activities. 
Many employees start their careers with us and remain loyal to the company for decades. We want to contribute to this positive feeling every day, with human values, fairness and opportunities for the personal development of each individual.

Success stories. In the lead roles: our employees. 

Josef Hermann, Sampling and testing department:

„No mold gets past me. I test everything thoroughly.“

Team "Tool and Mold Construction"

„One for all - all for one. We stick together when the chips are down.“

Maximilian Brühl, Project Manager:

„I support every project. From the idea through to the finished vehicle.“

Thomas Karg, Designer:

„It makes me proud when I see a car I designed the sealing mold for.“

Franziska Fuchs, Human Resources Department:

„I’d like to go to the US or China some time. Ideally, both.“

Edeltraud Häring, Apprentice Industrial Mechanic:

„A woman in a man’s job. It’s great.“

Christiane Immler, Designer: 

„At PFAFF for 17 years. Endless design variety. And friendly colleagues - every day."

Rosi Eyenbach, Feelgood Manager:

„I make sure our customers and my colleagues are happy." 

Rodrigo Fernandez, Mold Maker and Project Manager: 

„I come from Argentina. Thanks to my colleagues, I quickly felt at home in Allgäu."