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Semi automated equipment

We cover a broad range of requirements with our semi-automated equipment: Whether a universal saw, an automated notching or bending machine – every machine is customized according to the individual requirements. 

Advantages of semi automated units: 
  • High availability and short cycle times
  • Highest accuracy through complete machining
  • Modular design options
  • Manually or electrically adjustable axis

Selection of our product portfolio of semi automated units

Base Stab Load

Simple single sided operation of profiles

Automatic N2N

Complete machining in a single clamp

Bending units

Reliable 2D and 3D bending operations

Sawing machines

Highest precision for profiles with end cuts

Semi automated units are most suitable to manufacture flexible profiles with complex cuttings in one process step. 

Our service range for machines to process body sealing profiles: 

Prototypes and Preproduction

Development of cutting concepts for volume production. 

High automated units

Productivity and automation perfectly designed to every need. 

Tool Design

Unique tools for the highest cutting quality. 


The quality representative for profile and frame measurement.