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Prototype and preproduction solutions

We team up with the customer’s development department to develop tailor-made cutting concepts with a view to subsequent volume production. 

Our prototypes and preproduction solutions offer:
  • Universal punches and saws
  • Fast implementation times
  • High flexibility, e.g. in case of changes
  • Low costs 

Concept and equipment from one source

All the equipment necessary is available on site at PFAFF Notching Solutions GmbH: 
  • Rapid prototyping processes (3D printing)
  • Universal saw
  • Universal pneumatic, hydraulic, and toggle presses
It’s entirely up to our customers whether they produce the parts in-house or outsource production to us. 


Our service range for notching and cutting systems:

Manual notching systems

Ideal for simple cutting operations with just a few cutting levels. 

Semi-Automated Units

For a broad range of applications.

Fully automated units

For complex stations with exchangeable tool sets.