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Prototype and preproduction solutions

We team up with the customer’s development department to develop tailor-made cutting concepts with a view to subsequent volume production. 

Our prototype and preproduction solutions offer:
  • short realization times
  • high flexibility
  • low costs 

Our solutions for prototypes and preproduction

Manually operated tools

Pneumatically driven tools

3D printed prove and cutting blocks

Concept and equipment from one source

All the equipment necessary is available on site at PFAFF Notching Solutions GmbH: 
  • Rapid prototyping processes (3D printing)
  • Universal saw
  • Universal pneumatic, hydraulic, and toggle presses
It’s entirely up to our customers whether they produce the parts in-house or outsource production to us. 


Our service range for machines to process body sealing profiles: 

Semi-Automated Units

Solutions for a broad range of applications.

High automated units

Productivity and automation perfectly designed to every need. 

Tool Design

Unique tools for the highest cutting quality. 


The quality representative for profile and frame measurement.